Vegetarian – Day 5

Alas, Day 5! Yesterday was a very uneventful day besides the fact that my mom came to visit. For breakfast I just had peanut butter and a nature valley bar that has protein in it. I don’t have much to choose from in my kitchen for breakfast food. That afternoon, I had lunch plans with […]

Vegetarian – Day 4

Yesterday was not a normal day of just sticking to vegetarianisms and learning the ins and outs of it all. I treated myself to puppies and the cinema. In Iowa City there is a pet store called Petland. It’s were all the college kids go to get their puppy fix. (Thats what I am told […]

Vegetarian – Day 3

Day three was a very productive day. I had class, I ate vegetarian (of course) and I did a couple different workouts. I started with cardio, did strength training for my arms, and finished off with a core workout. That workout, unlike the previous one I had in the week, made me feel more aware […]

Vegetarian – Day 2

Day two has successfully been completed. The gas has become less and it is much appreciated. I have noticed that my body is less bloated in the mornings due to the lack of beans that I seem to eat throughout the day. Unfortunately, for those who are around me, beans have become my substitution for […]

Vegetarian Day 1

Yeah! One day down! I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be starting out. I’m really surprised how easy it is to switch over to being vegetarian. The University of Iowa has really adapted to how different their student body is. Unfortunately, there is a couple […]

College and Calories

I am going to be honest with you. I am a busy college student. I have tests, papers, and daily readings just like the everyone else here. So, I completely get it when it comes to unhealthy options as a go to for comfort food and stress eating. I am also a typical millennial when […]

Makeup Product Review

I have decided that this page is going to have a little bit of everything from my life. I have a lot of advice to give and beauty to share with the world. I will still try to incorporate any requests at the demand of my readers. Still feel free to leave feedback! So, I […]