Vegetarian Day 1

Yeah! One day down! I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be starting out. I’m really surprised how easy it is to switch over to being vegetarian. The University of Iowa has really adapted to how different their student body is. Unfortunately, there is a couple of problems I am having.

The first problem is the flex meals. For those who don’t have any idea what a flex meal is, it is basically a pre-made meal that you can pick up at any c-store conveniently located in your residence hall. It includes 1 entree option, 2 side options, and your drink of choice.

Now, I love hummus, but the only flex meals with no meat all have hummus. Sometimes I don’t want hummus. Sometimes I like to try something new! I’m a little bit upset because I ate it twice yesterday. Another problem I have with the flex meals is that so far I haven’t noticed any meat free salads. Come on U of I! How about hard boiled egg instead of chicken?

The next problem I have is more to do with how my body is responding to the change. This may be too much information but I have no idea if it will stop. Which is a scary thought. I have been passing gas like nobodies business. I don’t know if it’s because I am eating more vegetables or if I may have ate something in particular that didn’t agree with me. But I hope it stops real soon.

I do like how good I feel. I am not as bloated as I usually am. I didn’t get up this morning to workout, however I don’t feel groggy. Normally I feel really bad if I don’t workout. But, that currently is not the case.

If you want to follow what I am eating you can check out my meals that I track on MyFitnessPal. My user name is rach3lmar33. Don’t forget to send me your vegetarian recipes I would love to try them. See you tomorrow!


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