Makeup Product Review

I have decided that this page is going to have a little bit of everything from my life. I have a lot of advice to give and beauty to share with the world. I will still try to incorporate any requests at the demand of my readers. Still feel free to leave feedback!

So, I have recently purchased an item off of Amazon. After watching a video of a similar product on Facebook. The product is called a Silicone Makeup Sponge. Here is my review.

I think it’s funny they call the device a sponge because its not even a sponge at all. Sponges are made to absorb things, this is just a piece of silicone. Now I am not an expert on makeup at all. I rarely put the stuff on. However, when I do I use as little as possible. This is because I don’t like how most products feel on my skin. My normal routine is lotion, powder foundation, eyeliner and mascara. If I am feeling up to the task I will apply liquid foundation with a damp makeup sponge which is a rare occasion.

I guess I would say that my make up application is light or sheer coverage. I’m not used to a lot of products or a heavy application of just one product on my face. With the Silicone Sponge I definitely felt a difference in coverage. I feel like there was a lot of product on my face compared to the sheer coverage of an actual sponge.

The Silicone Sponge didn’t soak up any of my product like the alternative. This would save a lot of money on make up cost for those who are avid users. Not for someone like me who takes years to get through one bottle of liquid foundation. It takes longer for the makeup to be worked into the skin with the Silicone Sponge. The texture also takes awhile to get used to, especially for a novice like myself. There is a little bit of a difference in price on each of the products. I bought my Silicone Sponge for around $7 on Amazon and I think a bag of sponges is under $5.

I would recommend the product to experts and individuals that spend a lot of money on makeup. The Silicone sponge doesn’t soak up product, it gives you an even and airbrushed coverage look. However, for those like me who don’t wear a lot of makeup. Stick to what you love and works for you. Unless you get more into makeup, then feel free. The following link is where I bought my silicone sponge.

As always, let me know what you think. I always encourage feedback or requests!

With Love,



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