Back Again!

So, it has been awhile since I have been on to blog about my life experience. I deeply apologize. I have been a very busy adult with many important things to do. Which means university course load, work, relationships, and working out has really taken over my life.

However, I plan to change this. I have been thinking recently and I have thought about writing poetry. Not like the Dr. Seuss kind but more of like Haikus. When I sit down and think out a poem it just lets my worries go and I become less stressed. Being less stressed is what we all strive for. I will still be opened to suggestion on topics of the poems.

Although, my other thought was to just make this page into a health journal. Like my progress into how I am living a healthier lifestyle with being a college student. It feels good to be back and I can’t wait to see what suggestions are in store.

-With Love,



One thought on “Back Again!

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 Life can really get in the way of blogging sometimes, and even though blogging is a lot of fun, other priorities have to come first. Sometimes, a break is necessary and well-needed. I’ll have to check out the rest of your blog! xx


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