College and Calories

I am going to be honest with you. I am a busy college student. I have tests, papers, and daily readings just like the everyone else here. So, I completely get it when it comes to unhealthy options as a go to for comfort food and stress eating. I am also a typical millennial when it comes to patience and instant gratification. Which means I don’t have patience and I want everything right now.

Since I came back to finish my undergrad it has been so hard not to eat all of the wonderful food they have on campus at the University of Iowa! Like seriously! Are you trying to flirt with my waist line french fries, hamburger bar and all you can eat soft serve ice cream? I tried to stay clear of the temptations.

But I learned very quickly, the beginning of the 2017 Spring semester, that I needed to be more active. I had gained weight. Which really isn’t that uncommon for a 22 year old like myself. I wondered why I was gaining weight. I was eating healthy and I considered myself pretty active since I walk around campus to my classes. (If you haven’t been to Iowa City, you need to. It’s huge!)

Turns out the saying is right: to much of a good thing is bad for you. I was eating really well, I was just over eating and I gained 15 pounds. So, at the beginning of the new semester I had dedicated myself to living a more healthier lifestyle.

January 16, 2017 is the date and I remember it because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I started working out every morning at 4 am (excluding weekends, those days I get up at 6. Nobody wants to wake up that early on the weekend.), I began to track what I ate on MyFitnessPal and waited for the magic to happen.

Right now, I can tell you so many things that I messed up on. I kept working out logging my eating habits but no matter what I did I always felt terrible. I would be tired, hungry, sore and just unpleasant to be around. My body was changing though and I thought that was a good sign. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good sign. Turns out, I didn’t change my activity level on MyFitnessPal. Which was set on a Lightly Active. I was starving my body of food and I finally listened to my body and changed the app setting.

Next, I plateaued. My body got used to the workouts I was putting it through and I became discouraged. I blamed it on eating to much food again and thats why I wasn’t seeing instant results. I noticed myself getting normal portions of food and cutting everything in half to try and starve myself. The really big wake up call for me was when I was sitting in class and I couldn’t focus. All I could think about was food. I mentally told myself to stop starving myself and just eat. I need to focus and do well and school and starving myself was just going to make me moody, unable to focus and hungry.

Just a side note, I don’t consider myself overweight. I am 5’8″ currently at 161 pounds and I just want a healthy BMI. My current BMI is 24.6. The healthy range starts at 24 and goes down. An every time I got on my scale it constantly told my that I was still so close from reaching my goal. So I put my body to such extremes to force it into the healthy range of the BMI scale and it didn’t work.

Finally, I am trying a different tactic. I am going to experiment with what I eat. I am first going to try to be vegetarian for a week and post my experience. I am also still going to workout. So finding protein will be tricky but I like a challenge. I have never tried to not eat meat so this will be interesting. Send me some recipes if you are vegetarian. I would love to try them!


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