Vegetarian – Day 4

Yesterday was not a normal day of just sticking to vegetarianisms and learning the ins and outs of it all. I treated myself to puppies and the cinema. In Iowa City there is a pet store called Petland. It’s were all the college kids go to get their puppy fix. (Thats what I am told anyways.)

My roommate and I loved on a lot of different puppies but my favorites were a little husky boy and a little spaniel girl. I named them Rocky and Lady. I am hoping I can convince my boyfriend to allow me to keep them. (I don’t think I succeeded, unfortunately.)

After leaving Lady and Rocky and all the adorable pups. My roommate and I went to see a movie. I highly recommend Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed all the sassy characters in the film. I didn’t have a normal dinner. I had theatre popcorn and candy.

Obviously, my favorite part of the day was the movie and puppies. I didn’t have class, but I met a friendly individual who helped me with my paper at the writing center. Which is an awesome resource on campus! I also recommend using it because it is free! Apparently, there are multiple writing centers scattered throughout the University of Iowa. The only two I know are in Schaeffer Hall and the English Philosophy Building.

Like always all my food is logged on MyFitnessPal. Let me know if you have any suggestions on recipes. Study on fellow college goers! Summer Break is fast approaching!


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