Vegetarian – Day 5

Alas, Day 5! Yesterday was a very uneventful day besides the fact that my mom came to visit. For breakfast I just had peanut butter and a nature valley bar that has protein in it. I don’t have much to choose from in my kitchen for breakfast food.

That afternoon, I had lunch plans with my mom. I don’t normally go out to eat since I have a meal plan. We went to Atlas Restaurant. Which is in downtown Iowa City. I enjoyed the black bean and falafel burger. I have had it before, but the previous time I ate it. It was a bit gritty but this time it was perfect.

Once lunch was over with we walked around town for a bit and then parted ways. Dinner was spent in the dinning hall. I also treated myself yesterday with some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Which was delicious! Until it gave me gas… Why does it seem like everything that I have been eating makes my body bloat and full of gas? Its probably best for me to steer clear of beans, ice cream and hummus.


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