The Fruit of Our Labor

Hello Reader! Welcome to my land of spontaneity and wonder, my name is Rachel. So far, my life has been a path that others have drawn out for me or dictated about other opinions. This past year has been the first that I have stopped allowing, what others think, run my pursuit of happiness. An in that time, I have experienced many firsts.

I have flown on an airplane, taken part of a union of two individual that love each other, been accepted into my dream university, and found love when I thought no one could make my heart soar again. I plan to continue to go into the unknown because  finding that everything new that I try becomes something I love.

So I decided to try my hand at blogging. If you think about it we all do it without realizing it. Social media is really just a big, addicting, and free blog site. People post pictures of what they eat, where they travel, the current turmoil in their lives and good news they become blessed with. Basically, we all are bloggers about our own lives. So, why not try it out?

 Not only is trying something new my goal here. I plan to expand my writing skills, write interesting posts and connect with amazing people. I will write with topic requests. So if anyone has an interesting topic, I am all ears. 

With this post coming to an end, I would like to end on a question to stir up a comment from you. How does your life pertain to trying new things? Do you try different things often? If not, why don’t you? If yes, what or who got you started on trying new things? 

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s were the fruit is.”

-Mark Twain


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